Simplifying Payroll

Payroll Solutions

Choose from our convenient, efficient & flexible services with personal guidance and client-driven customer service.

Tax Services

Electronic federal, state and local payroll and employment tax processing alleviates risk and eliminates penalties.

Time Management

Proactive time clock solutions for small to medium sized businesses help save time and money.

HR & Benefits Guidance

Product and processing guidance will save employers and employees money.

We Offer A Full Line Of Payroll Services

No matter how simple or complex your business needs are, we can tailor the perfect payroll solution for you. You no longer have to worry about compliance issues because we will handle your quarterly payroll tax filing and delivery of your W–2s and 1099s.

We also offer additional options to provide a customized payroll solution for your business, including:

  • Direct deposit — Simplify payroll for many employees.
  • Paycards — Serve employees who don’t have checking accounts.
  • Workers` compensation insurance — Pay-as-you-go option, if applicable, to help improve cashflow.

We Makes It Easy For You

Our clients depend on us for many services that make their business run efficiently. Using the most advanced solutions, we can help you with all of your payroll needs by providing you with comprehensive options that are easy, convenient, accurate, timely, and secure. Choose from dozens of options, including:

  • Online payroll data entry — Enter payroll data quickly and easily — anytime, anywhere.
  • Online access to key documents for employees — Give employees direct online access to pay stubs, W–2s, and W — 4 information — 24/7.
  • Printing of paychecks — Print payroll checks from your own printer. You save time and delivery costs.

Our Payroll Services Save You Time And Effort

In no time at all, you’ll discover how easy and convenient it is to use our payroll services. You’ll eliminate the hassle of payroll, which will allow you to focus on managing and growing your business. Your employees will experience the convenience of self – service tools, including online data entry and direct access to paystubs, W – 2s, and W – 4s.

Perconalized Payroll Services

If you ever need a question answered, or a problem solved, you can count on receiving a quick response from our payroll account specialists who will handle all of your payroll needs. Our payroll account specialists are here to give you the personalized, individual attention you deserve.

You manage your business, We manage your payroll.

Why Select Hilal Tech

  • Red flag service
  • Leadership in serving businesses
  • Hands on, in-depth involvement
  • Full spectrum of customized services
  • Commitment to quality service and value
  • Confidential, responsive, timely and professional service
  • No hidden fees

Payroll processing is about relationships

  • Personalized service with every payroll
    Reviewed every time by an Octagon Payroll expert
  • Cost & time saving direct deposit options
    Paperless payroll
  • Time & attendance management system
    Designed especially for your business
  • Human resource & employee benefits
  • Electronic tax filing services
    Alleviate the stress of filing payroll taxes & incurring late payment penalties
  • Pre-employment screening
    Full service
  • Background solutions
    Instant & affordable

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